The Vital Step Your Skincare Routine is Missing

Fine lines and wrinkles? Oily skin? Acne scarring? Cleanser, toner and moisturizer doesn’t always do the trick. For targeted correction and healing, you need to be using a serum in addition to your standard skincare protocol. Serums are highly concentrated, nutrient rich formulas that contain more active ingredients and smaller molecules than moisturizers so that they can deliver specific improvements to deeper layers of your skin. Serums can be applied daily and/or nightly on a cleansed face and need a few minutes to be absorbed before moisturizing. Which boost will you be adding to your skincare routine?

For Dry Skin:

A dry complexion calls for extra hydration. Most of the time, your everyday moisturizer isn’t enough. Supplementing with a deeply quenching serum not only gives an instant hydration boost, but it can also help to ease dryness long term. Look for serums with Vitamin E oil and most importantly Carrot Seed Oil. Carrot Seed Oil transforms dry skin by infusing the complexion with dramatically rejuvenating compounds that provide hydration at the cellular level. Plantae recommends:

For Oily Skin:

If oil tends to build up on your skin throughout the day, try serums that contain essential oils from citrus fruit seeds. Oils like Grapefruit seed and Lemon seed help to balance and calm the skin’s natural oil production. Formulas that contain antiseptic oils like Cypress or Tea Tree also help to reduce shine. Look for serums that are easily absorbed and contain cold-pressed extracts and oils. Plantae recommends:

For Combination Skin:

A dry patch here, an oily spot there…you need a serum that can do both! Try adding a specially formulated treatment to your skincare routine that nourishes and corrects your skin gently and evenly. If you have combination skin, try serums that contain calming botanicals like Aloe and Chamomile. These ingredients will work together to balance the skin and reduce the severity of both dryness and oiliness. Plantae recommends:

For Acne:

For a non-toxic, plant-based way to calm and control acne, try a potent yet safe natural serum. By adding an all-over serum to your skincare, you can not only diminish current acne but you can work to prevent future breakouts from popping up. Use a serum that contains anti-inflammatory botanicals like Aloe Vera, which can shrink up blemishes. Formulas that contain mild fruit based acids aid in sloughing away dead skin cells that would otherwise become trapped in the pores and cause breakouts. Plantae recommends:

For Hyperpigmentaton:

If you have hyperpigmentation from acne scarring, sun or age spots, powerful botanical actives are needed to deeply penetrate the skin and repair the damage. Serums with nurturing Vitamin E promote healing while added Carrot Oil can repair dark spots on a cellular level. Fruit enzymes are especially helpful in dissolving the overly pigmented skin cells to reveal new, fresh skin. Plantae recommends:

For Anti-Aging:

Diminish fine lines and reduce wrinkles by pairing your favorite moisturizer with a highly concentrated, botanically based serum. In order to see real results, look for formulas that contain Hyaluronic Acid, to plump the skin, Vitamin C, to encourage healthier skin cells, and Sea Buckthorn, to revitalize the skin from the inside out. Apply these serums generously to the face, neck and décolleté. Plantae recommends:

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